David Wineberg has been reviewing books for decades, at the rate of two or more a week, and almost all nonfiction. Rather than lose the often astoundingly valuable information he has found in some of them, he has put together a book focused on the points worth remembering. The result is The Straight Dope (the title of his publication on medium). It contains 16 chapters, all different subjects, which has allowed him collect the highlights from books on those subjects. The topics range widely, from the constitution and racism, to the environment and economics, to philosophy and humor (It's nice to leave them laughing).

His reviews get rave reviews and are reprinted worldwide, even translated into Russian, and incorporated into other people's books. His same dramatic and direct style is evident throughout The Straight Dope, an often shocking and always eye-opening book that gets to the bottom of a large number of issues.

The Straight Dope by David Wineberg