Praise for David Wineberg’s book reviews:  

-I can't tell you how much your review means to me. Early readers and editors kept saying there was "too much science" or that they couldn't follow my argument. But YOU got it! I am affirmed 
-Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Natural Causes  

-I found your reviews to be incredibly thoughtful, helpful, and balanced 
-Kara Bachman, author of Kissing the Crisis  

-Admirable love of reading—the fundamental romance of the book, the passion for the written word, and the discernment between a well-told-story and one that is not so well-told.  I find this so admirable in you, and I am extremely grateful that people like you still exist 
-Jordan Fisher Smith, author of Engineering Eden

-Well done. Few manage it. 
David Graeber, author of Bullshit Jobs

-Wow! Thanks for you thoughtful and totally insightful synopsis of the voices of the men and women who fight our wars. You got it right on. -Jim Lommasson, author of Exit Wounds

-You are such an amazing writer. Thank you so much 
-Sarah Cooper, author of How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings

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The Straight Dope by David Wineberg
I started reading and before I knew it I was 100 pages in and my reading list was increased tenfold. Is you want to get a digestible understanding of the topics of the day, read this book. I promise you will be glad you did!!
-Sandiemarie Seger

I've been a fan of Wineberg's since I discovered the "Straight Dope" column, which has itself been running for decades.

No fact is too arcane to be uncovered or checked by Wineberg and his charming - not to say quirky - writing style mean that taking in this otherwise bewildering buzz of information is easily accomplished.

1000 book reviews curated like this is really a gift to us all. We can read the meta review and determine in which direction and to what depth we wish to jump.

Something I expect to re-read repeatedly. 

A book about non-fiction books written by someone who consumes them with relish. This is a curated readers digest written in a way that is both informative and enjoyable to read. A great springboard for further readings and enlightenment. 
-Ron Day

For those who love non-fiction books, there are so many pointers to interesting and engaging books. This book will inform, entertain, and shock you, without mincing any words - just as its title promised.
-Rupinder Sayal

Wineberg gives me enough important information in a balanced way (often bringing in sources outside the reviewed book) so that I can make up my own mind. Should I read . . ., and often, I do need to read this book. And surprisingly he made sense of some books I found confusing.

If you are a nonfiction book lover like me, and think you might be somewhat of a gourmet, this book is binge eating and it will satisfy the gourmand in you.
-Madeleine Keville